Reflexology: How it can help you

Reflexology, also referred to as foot reflexology therapy, or simply foot massage, is an alternative method of healing that is based on applying pressure to specific areas of the feet as well as the hands. This is typically done with the little finger, thumb and hand massage techniques with no lotion or oil. The theory behind this technique is that it can assist in maintaining general well-being and health by using the body's natural healing capabilities to perform the same work. The theory behind Reflexology is that the body is linked to the energy system through the body. When these pathways are blocked, illnesses like anxiety, pain or insomnia, as well as digestive disorders are experienced. If these conditions persist, they can result in serious harm to the body, even death.

There are currently over 60 licensed reflexologists in America. Although many offer conventional treatments however, a few have integrated complementary therapies into their practices to offer a more individualized approach to treating their patients. Traditional reflexologists might complete the entire process themselves. Some may suggest that you go to an Reflexologist who is a trusted friend or acquaintance. In general, reflexology practitioners who operate on their own are extremely skilled in their work but they are able to work with only a few patients at a time because of the inherent nature of their treatment. On the other hand, a Reflexologist working in conjunction with the primary care physician enjoys the advantage of having several patient consultations.

Reflexologists believe that specific areas on feet and hands are linked to other parts. By studying they can discern specific regions in the hands and feet that are related to various organs and systems of the body. Reflexologists believe that certain organs and systems can receive messages through the natural energy pathways of the feet and hands by pressing them gently. If this occurs, the body's health and overall state of health are affected.

When you think about the issue of whether or not the reflexology treatments that are reported to be beneficial can actually decrease pain, the answer is yes. It's been established that pressure applied to specific reflex points can reduce the pain and increase circulation in the long run. This alone makes it an ideal alternative for pain relief in the long term. It is also known as "natural chiropractic" which is in accordance with the latest holistic complementary therapy concepts.

Self-initiated support is another area where reflexology is often used. If a person suffers from chronic headaches it is possible to apply essential oils to the hands of the person and massage the scalp prior to sleeping. 홍대출장마사지 This will help promote relaxation, blood flow and help improve sleep quality. By providing self-initiated support by way of massage on the scalp, a reflexologist helps patients achieve harmony in mind, body and spirit. So, when you need to lessen anxiety and pain related to the body and/or headaches an appointment with a reflexologist should be contemplated.

In the event of foot reflexology treatment that has been reported to ease pain and increase circulation, it is recommended to make use of a home-based machine. The machines specifically designed for use in reflexology are available and are in use for decades. A lot of people have found relief from migraine headaches , and tinnitus thanks to these machines according to research. A lot of people report that the soothing machine reduces inflammation and boosts circulation while offering the person more comfort and balance. When deciding the Reflexology machine(s) to purchase make sure to ask a professional which they would recommend.

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